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GMT Equipment

Gierkink Machine Techniek was founded in 1998 by Michel Gierkink. The company specialises in the maintenance, repair and the sales of forestry machines and wood cutters. In 2010, Gierkink Machine Techniek introduced the GMT035 to the market, a patented invention (EP2515628) that is now sold across the world. As a result of the success of the grapple saw and quick coupler, in 2013 a decision was made to split the company into Gierkink Machine Techniek and Gierkink Machine Service. To underline the international ambition we have changed our company name into GMT Equipment since January, 2019.

Dealers across the globe

Since the introduction of the grapple saw GMT035, GMT Equipment has developed incredibly quickly. Numerous machines have already been sold via dealers in Europe. And there is huge interest outside Europe too. There are now dealers in the United States, South America and even in Japan and Australia.

Products from GMT Equipment

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